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Making Dallas Even Better


Jessie Dalton and his wife, Mildred, started out selling her pies, pastries, and mayonnaise door to door. Mildred chose to spice up her mayonnaise with some relish, but she couldn’t afford to buy it, so she planted a cucumber garden. As the cucumbers grew, so did their business. They began selling pickles in a grocery store in Fort Worth in 1926. That store eventually evolved into a massive enterprise called Best Maid Pickles. The company, which is still family run, sells pickles, dressings, and relishes. They also offer a fancy line of FARM TO MARKET single-barrel pickles. The cucumbers are grown in West Texas, and the flavors range from garlic dill to chipotle lime. Ready to try a Bloody Mary pickle? It’s an eye-opener without the booze. Prices range from $2.50 to $5.