This isn’t a particularly interesting time of year, sports-wise. It’s the calm before the football storm that is the fall, not to mention the beginning of the NBA season that’s even further off. In other words, it’s really an opportunity for athletes to work on healing their injuries in the off-season. Unfortunately the average sports fan has had a lot to ponder regarding this particularly unpleasant subject. As you may have heard, the Texas Rangers recently added Yu Darvish to the disabled list. Meanwhile, USA Basketball lost Paul George to one of the worst injuries I’ve ever witnessed in a so-called highlight reel (do not Google it).

So what we at Be Well have compiled is a mix to get you back on your feet again. Something that is at times soothing, but ultimately inspiring. Part balm, part call-to-arms, this is a reminder to keep those heat packs hot and school nurse Ziplocs of ice pleasantly chilled. Fall is just around the corner, and you better be ready by that first shrieking whistle.