DJ Sober's nights at the Travis recently won the award for the best place to dance in our “Best of Big D” issue, and he also graced us with his presence at the party we threw to commemorate the king-making contest. He’s just as much a skateboarding advocate as he is a music aficionado, and he was nice enough to compile this list of classic tracks that will be familiar to any fan of the pastime. Skateboarding-friendly music is historically pretty diverse, and this list that includes everything from pop to metal emphasizes that varying aesthetic.

His notes on each of his track picks:

Minor Threat – “Seeing Red“
I couldn't start a skateboarding playlist without some good-old punk rock. I remember skateboarding to this actual song in my friend's driveway, middle-school era. Routine: watch skate videos, get hype, blast Minor Threat, skate!

Cymande – “Brothers On The Slide“
I remember this song being in Girl's "Mouse" video. Classic skate video, great tune! Also, check our Cymande's "Bra." Jammin!

De La Soul – “Me, Myself, and I“
One of my favorite hip-hop groups of all time. Their track “Oodles of O’s” was featured in Girl's "Goldfish" video. If Mike Carroll can get hype to that, so can you. Note: “Oodles” wasn’t available so we went with another classic by the group, however, try to seek it out as soon as you can.

Black Sabbath – “Hand Of Doom“
One of my favorite rock bands with a killer track. I love the way this song switches up multiple times over the 7-plus minutes of madness. If the metal-defining riff at 3:37 doesn't get you hype, I don't know what will. Perfect for deadlifting or doing acid drops off of loading docks. 

Tommy Guerrero – “Yerba Buena Bump”
This is from the Ex-Bones Brigade member and skateboard pioneer. Not the most hype track, but I could definitely cruise some hills to this one. If you are using this playlist for another type of workout, this could be your stretch-it-out or cool-down song. I don't know. I don't work out. I was born with this body.

Souls Of Mischief – “'93 'Til Infinity“
Don't remember the exact skate video this was in, but I'd be willing to bet it was in at least a dozen. Classic Souls Of Mischief track that still gets me excited every time I hear it. Side note: I don't think this tape ever left my car's cassette deck for a whole year in high school.

Van Halen – “Aint' Talkin' 'Bout Love“
This album stays in my car. David Lee Roth exudes working out. He would want us all to shred some concrete to this one. Always Van Halen, Never Van Hagar.

Beastie Boys – “So What'cha Want“
This makes perfect sense. I was introduced to skateboarding around the same time I was introduced to the Beasties. Their energy and rawness go hand-in-hand with skating, and they are characteristics that attracted me to both. You can just put on the Check Your Head album for your whole session and be good.

Run The Jewels – “Get It“
I had to throw at least one newer rap track in the mix. This whole project is dope, but this song makes me want to power slide down a parking garage. 

Can – “Vitamin C“
Vitamin C in an important nutrient and this song is equally important. Add it to any playlist. Good, good stuff. 

Tame Impala – “Half Full Glass Of Wine“
A newer band that I love! This is one of their more hype tracks. 

Black Milk & Danny Brown – “Jordan VIII“
Danny Brown just gets me live. His energy over this beat is bonkers. I feel most of Danny's music would be a great skating soundtrack.