Athletes and musicians are often cast as cultural opposites, but of course, life is a little more complicated than that. While we assume that artsy individuals and band nerds wouldn’t be caught on a practice field unless forced to be there, examples to the contrary are plentiful. The following playlist includes musicians who played sports, celebrated sport in their music, or in the case of Cassius Clay, happened to be the greatest fighter of all time. The breakdown:

1. The Beastie Boys — Lifelong basketball advocates. Once challenged Guided by Voices to a game.

2. Guided by Voices — See above. Also: Lead singer Robert Pollard threw a no-hitter in college, when he was pitching for Wright State.

3. Belle & Sebastian — Although they have a reputation for being the wimpiest band of all time, lead singer Stuart Murdoch is rumored to be a monster on the soccer field.

4. Cassius Clay — No explanation needed, other than the fact that it is very surprising he had a singing career. And that he’s also pretty good.

5. The Wedding Present — They immortalized their favorite soccer player on the iconic cover of their album, George Best.

6. Willie Nelson — Played high school football (at halfback) in Abbott, Texas.

7. Jamie Foxx — High school football player in Terrell.

8. Bob Marley — Lifelong soccer fanatic in his tragically short time on earth.

9. Snoop Dogg — Always a strong showing in celebrity sports matches.

10. Prince — Famously mocked by Dave Chappelle for being an incredible basketball player. He played for Minneapolis Central High in his painfully shy teens.