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Making Dallas Even Better

  • Yesi Fortuna Sukilynn StyleSheet 1.jpg

    Don’t try to define Yesi Fortuna. She’s a working model, makeup artist, and, most important to her, a photographer.

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    Whether she’s in front of the camera or behind it, taking pictures for her photography business, Sukilynn, she has found that confidence is key. “I really try to think about what I’m doing that day and what kind of message I want to send,” Fortuna says.

  • Yesi Fortuna Sukilynn StyleSheet 3.jpg

    “I like to think of my outfits as an equation,” she says. “One piece of color, one piece of shine, one piece of texture. Those are the kinds of outfits that make me feel the most confident.”

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    “If I need a boost, I will wear my lion necklace. Other times, I don’t want to be bothered because I have a busy workday, and will wear muted colors. Either way, I try to dress like my authentic self every day.”